Our number 1 sex icon, the Father of New Zealand and a favourite Aussie.

Vince, also known as the Beaurepairs Guy, started off as an actor in a bunch of Aussie shows but made his true fame in the incubator responsible for the world's most famous actors - New Zealand!

Vinnie first captured the hearts of the nation in the early 1980s and continued to be a critical component of kiwi culture for the next 30 years.

He first appeared on national TV in an advert for the tire company Beaurepaires where his unrelenting suave style saved a truckers misfortune.

Our father is born 

The advert proved to be a smash success and a long string of adverts featuring the Dutch born Australian crooner soon followed.

Over time, Vinnie charmed our hearts and taught us of the amazing cost savings that could be had if we just retreaded our tires

Retreading - An art that has been lost in recent years.
Vince inspired popular culture films such as The Matrix

Even New Zealand's first comedian, Billy T James, made a comedy sketch satirising the legendary Vince.

As with any long-serving celebrity, it becomes their civic duty to bring the nation together through the joy of Christmas. Vince's crooner singing voice proved to be a popular and uniting expectation for many kiwis over the Christmas period.

Little is known about the personal life of our father but the country waits and joys when he graces us with the occasional film or TV appearance

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