It's no secret that New Zealand isn't the richest country in the world. Our large landmass, lower median wage, and desire to drive fast and recklessly means we need access to cheap vehicles. Everywhere you go in New Zealand, you'll find a large assortment of used "jap imports".

Our relaxed vehicle standards, simple import laws, and close relationship with our favourite trading partner, Japan, means we import used Japanese domestic market cars like there's no tomorrow.

Traditionally, you could shop for a used car in one of the many used car districts dotted all around the country. However, online shopping is the preferred way to find your latest ride.

Getting the pick of the dregs from Japan's hyperactive car culture means we have access to some amazing rides not usually available in more restrictive markets. The sounds of Friday night are powered by JDM performance imports such as the Subaru WRX STI, Mitsibishi Evo, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX7s and many other fast rides you could only dream of.

R33 GTR Vspec anyone? We've had these for ages. They used to be cheap as

Seriously, it's actually really fucking good. When you earn your full drivers license at the ripe young age of 16, you can pick up a WRX for fuck all and hit the friday night drags. Maybe you'll get lucky and make it back home.

$1500 bucks for a WRX!

Wanna buy a used car for your next NZ trip? Check out Trade Me or Autotrader. If you're really feeling daring, the facebook marketplace might have a steal with your name on it. Or perhaps you could just import one yourself. There are heaps of services that will help you with it.

NZ Transport Agency - Importing a vehicle

And yes, we even get the weird shit