The "Sausage Sizzle" is a beloved community fundraising event where the nation can grab a satisfying meal for cheap and food standards are optional. The primary food item served is a sausage on bread.

Although the event has its roots in Australian culture, the popularity in New Zealand is notable and in accordance with the long running tradition of symbiotic antipodean cultural assimilation.

The events usually takes place on weekends by large store fronts, schools, sports parks or other public areas. They are considered the backbone of community funding.

Common fundraising causes are for things like school trips, sports clubs, school budget shortfalls, and the teaching faculty's Friday night booze-up.

The sausage sizzle food item "sausage on bread", is a gas bbq cooked burnt-yet-cold precooked mass manufactured sausage served on margarine smeared budget sliced white bread. Optional toppings include low-grade tomato sauce and bbq grilled onions. Occasionally you'll find a flash place that serves bbq sauce or mustard.


The term "sausage sizzle" has also been used in reference to the primary food item although this form of usage is low.

"Hey bro, I'm just gonna grab a sausage sizzle" - an acceptable use of sausage sizzle?

Around November 2018, popular Australian hardware chain Bunnings issued a decree mandating that onions should only be served underneath the sausage. This was in reaction to a nurse that supposedly slipped on some loose onion and nearly died.

Naturally, the decree caused widespread outrage in Australia and New Zealand. The long standing tradition of the sausage sizzle seemed under attack and the ruling remains a hot and divisive topic till this day.

Travelling Notes

To find a sausage sizzle near you, simply head out to a native New Zealand Mitre 10 (or the treasonous Aussie Bunnings) on a summer weekend. You'll have an almost guaranteed encounter.
Alternatively, have a relaxing and pleasant drive around the streets of suburban New Zealand on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You'll be sure to run into a sausage sizzle somewhere...