The "New Zealand Listener Magazine", more commonly referred to as just "The Listener" is New Zealand's favourite magazine for reading at a cafe and pretending that you are more intelligent than everyone else around you.

With a long and respected history of engaging middle-class journalism mixed with important broadcast media schedules, The Listener has nation-wide appeal to the discerning cafe reader that needs to show off their intellectual superiority of in-depth current affairs.

The tasteful cover with headlines in large legible font, broadcasts this month's general topics on life, culture, entertainment and social-political commentary to surrounding patrons, clearly defining you as someone whose mind is worthy of intelligent debate. Yet this is a cafe, and it's out of place to interrupt people eating their brunch, so you'll never be challenged to an actual live debate. A clear victory has already been established over your nearby intellectual peers. Especially that guy reading the arts section of The Weekend Herald like they actually know anything about real art.

The main competitor, "Metro Magazine" shares a similar market space but has differentiated itself as a distinctly Aucklander magazine and could be considered taboo if read anywhere outside of the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn cafe district.

Travelling Notes

Be sure to grab a copy of the listener from any supermarket checkout aisle. You'll find it nestled between the tabloids and chewing gum.

To save money, you could drop by one of New Zealand's many cafes for a "flattie" and an "eggs bene". A slightly used copy of The Listener will be ready and waiting for you to show your worth and stand out among the lower forms of cafe patrons.