The classic NZ dairy - a kiwi twist to the convenience store. Dairies have established themselves as New Zealand's main provider of food and focal point for neighbourhood communities.

V's, Big Ben pies, 30 packs of Peter Jackson's, mixed bags of lollies, and other essentials of the kiwi diet are found and sold over the counters of these generational family businesses.

Diaries are a symbol of kiwi resilience and adaptability to change. As fashion and dietary requirements changed, so did the product offerings. They saw the rise and fall of arcade machines where local disputes would usually be resolved over rounds of Street Fighter 2. Entertainment supplies such as nitrous oxide, party pills and synthetic weed would be dispensed to young and old alike until government regulation stepped in.

However, change did come with a cost. Over the years, dairy facades have become ground zero for corporate trench warfare. Kiwiana corporations battle it out with international conglomerates to try and win the hearts and minds of locals. Using tactics inspired by local gang marketing, sales reps provide obnoxiously loud signage to promote their products and solidify a dairy's corporate loyalty.

Travelling Notes

The keen eyed tourist might be able to spot dairy owners in the wild sourcing their wares from local supermarkets like Pak n' Save.

If you are ever driving around the country, it is essential to stop at a small town's dairy to get a true taste of the regional flavour.

Here are some recommend products to try:

Space Man candy sticks. The gateway drug to become a cool smoker
Slow-cooked Big Ben pies from the pie warmer. 
Lime K-Bars. Keeping dentists in 3 homes.