Keas are highly intelligent native parrots that live in the alpine regions of the South Island. Sporting a bright green plumage and adorable curiosity, they are renowned for delighting visitors in national parks and tearing the shit out of their cars.

Culturally, we identify strongly with Keas because their behaviour is so similar to ours - cheeky fucking shitbags that love to get munted and hilariously tear shit up.

The Kea's cheekiness is renowned around the globe but for some reason, people seem to constantly fall victim to their shenanigans - and we fucking love it.

Travelling notes

When visiting alpine areas in the South Island, be sure to park up somewhere and go for a long walk. You'll have a pretty sweet Kea experience to come back to.

Maybe check out the area around Monkey Creek

Please keep your distance, leave them alone and don't feed them. They are cheeky as fuck but also endangered. Here are some instructions if you need to know more:

If you love these little buggers, you can donate to the Kea Conservation Trust to help keep them with us.