At the end of 2015 until early 2016, New Zealand held an unwanted flag referendum. It was generally viewed as some kind of vanity legacy piece for our illustrious pony tail loving leader John Key.

The "top" 40 flags democratically chosen for us

In true kiwi spirit, the nation got together, had some fun and took the piss - we had amazing fun turning it into a total mockery.

Flag design submissions were open to the public and what resulted was a colourful glimpse into the way kiwis think and a global demonstration in the way we like to treat our politicians.

Laser Kiwi was an instant classic and the likely true winner if democracy existed

Flag “Selection”

It’s a crime that our democratic process was subverted when it came to the flag selection. Instead of something that could have represented our collective identity and personalities, we were given the choice between a few boring and clichéd designs. The shortlist was advertised as some kind of public process but was performed by a small and mostly unqualified panel of people with poor taste in design.

The process for public selection required 2 referendums. We were eventually forced to choose between 2 shitty preselected designs in the same way a prisoner gets a choice of food.

Social media muscled into the democratic debate and managed to get an extra submission into the official lineup after a large outcry driven by Gareth Morgan's TOP party. "Red Peak" became an internet darling and perceived winner based on internet popularity.

Red Peak. A lesson that internet points don't actually matter

The final results

Eventually the public strongly voted to keep the original flag. The $26 million bucks spent in this campaign was viewed as a waste of fucking time but it had some positives. A few good cunts that managed to get off their arses to check out one of the empty roadshow events in their town got to eat a shitload of free biscuits.

Here’s hoping we get to do this again. It was pretty fun and hopefully next time we get to actually choose Laser Kiwi. Because that would be fucking awesome.

Here are a bunch more of the bloody good submissions

It's a pity they took down the official submission site. And we can't find a full gallery of the 10,292 flag designs that good, honest, hard working kiwis submitted.