Self organized meetups similar to illegal street racer events across the globe. A country-wide phenomenon undertaken by car enthusiast sub cultures.

Usually a Friday or Saturday night event where participants would self assemble around central locations. A convoy would head out to the outer suburbs or the wops to find isolated location to perform drag races, cruise, or burnouts.


Burnouts are a crucial aspect to a successful night of The Drags. The New Zealand government defines a burnout in the land transport act:

"...operate a motor vehicle on a road in a manner that causes the vehicle to undergo sustained loss of traction unless the operation of the vehicle in that manner is authorised by law."
-  Land Transport Act 1998

Burnouts at The Drags are sometimes enhanced with the application of a slippery mixture, such as detergent or diesel, to the road surface.

NZ has a particular love for the burnout
Sometimes burnouts can have catastrophic failures

Excerpts from ancient Auckland's street drags scene


Authorities tend to take a hard line approach to the drags and there is regular mention in the news of police action.

Legislation was passed in 2003 dubbed "The Boy Racer Act" in an attempt to curb illegal street racing and other associated activities.


New Zealand has highly active car-related subcultures partly in due to relaxed modified vehicle laws, cheap Japanese vehicle imports, no mandatory vehicle insurance and a learner driver age at 15.

Visitors wishing to get involved in the scene are recommended to buy a Nissan Skyline - the preferred car of the boy racer scene.

Preferred vehicles include

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