A wooden, re-usable crate that holds 12 large glass bottles of locally produced regionally mainstream beers. Purchased from most liquor stores.

It's holistic beer container recycling from our socialist heritage.


  • Go to liquor store
  • Buy a swappa crate with full beer
  • Drink all the beers
  • Put empty bottles back into crate
  • Return to liquor store (Walk or get a cab. Don't fucking drive drunk!)
  • Swap empty crate and bottles for a discount on a new and full swappa crate
  • Repeat
Dozen of Waikato's finest

Alternative Uses

Due to the abundance of these crates in most kiwi households along with the general DIY nature of the population, we have expanded the purpose of these crates.

It's not uncommon to find crates being used as furniture items that span socioeconomic boundaries.

Apparently you can even fucking hire swappa crate furniture?! What the fuck?

An example of commercial swappa crate furniture
A mean as bookshelf for cheap

Beloved national bogan radio station "The Rock" holds an annual National Crate Day around early December. Throughout the country, kiwis hold homage to our most beloved hobby while saving the planet with aggressive recycling.

Travelling Notes

Most of our numerous liquor stores have swappa crates in the walk-in beer fridge. The initial costs is slightly higher but this is eventually offset by drinking shitloads and not caring about the cost of things when you're pissed as fuck.

Grab a crate, get smashed and enjoy the sights.

Just don't fucking drink and drive! That shit is bad and we're trying to stop that stupidity in our country. Our roads and drivers are bad enough.