A kiwi mainstream beer emblazoned with the slogan "Pride of the South" and commonly referred to as just "Speight's". It's best enjoyed cold and with a Swanndri.

Originating from the South Island's capital, Dunedin, it sports a rich history dating back to 1876. Speight's is more than just an ale, it's actually a lager and symbol of the South Island's independence from fucking Aucklanders.

It's strongly marketed with a "Southern Man" persona and has become the main source of identity for anyone considering themselves a "Southern Man", or to a lesser extent - a "Non-Aucklander". It also has a reputation for being the only beer you're allowed to drink in the presence of a South Islander unless you want to be considered a wuss. The anti-Auckland sentiment is even present in their TV ads.


As with most beers in New Zealand, Speight's comes attached with a colourful line of controversy.

The beer happens to also be brewed in Auckland, a city that is despised by South Islanders and considered the crux of all the problems southerners face on a daily basis. The decision to brew in a non-southern city also drew the attention of the Commerce Commission and considered the labelling to be misleading.

Even more controversial is that Speight's parent company Lion Brewery have done the typical thing mainstream breweries do to their core brands - dilute the brand image by offering strange variations on the original such as a lime flavor, low carb or extra hops. (The cider is all good, though)

Is that apple lager??

Travelling Notes

If you're travelling the South Island and happen to stop at a country pub, ordering a normal Speight's will help you blend in and ease any concerns about you being a possible Aucklander.

And be sure to stop by the Speight's Brewery for the tour. For now, they only do a tour of the Dunedin brewery. But we here at yeahyeahnah.com are trying to see if they'll do an Auckland one, too

Good on ya, mate