In 2010, new kiwi legend "dot guy" jumped into our lives during a report on TV news show "3 News" about a possible bomb threat in Otahuhu.

Amidst the chaos of flashing lights and backdrop of scrambling emergency services, an interview was taken with a nearby resident.

When asked about the current situation, Dot Guy immediately responded with the classic line "I was sitting at home, smoking some dots..."

What are "dots"?

Dots are slang for an efficient technique  of marijuana consumption.

Two knives are heated on a stove till red hot. A small spot of marijuana is rolled into a ball which allows it to easily be paicked up by a hot knife. The spot is then compressed between the two knives and the resulting smoke is inhaled thru a 2 litre Coke bottle that has had the bottom section cut out of so it acts as a funnel.