A term used to put-down someone. Usually used as a response to someone's actions.

The term is perceived as a "finisher term" when used appropriately and with correct intonation. It's really fucking hard to make a valid comeback without sounding like a more shameful dick.

A flexible term that can be used in both serious and friendly banter contexts.

"Aww, man. That girl wouldn't go out with me."
"Ahahaha! Shame, dick!"
A friend confiding with another friend about a recent date rejection.
The friend replies in jest.
Person 1: "Nah, dick. My ride is heaps faster than yours. "
Person 2: "Whatever, dick."
[race proceeds and Person 2 wins]
Person 2: "Shame, dick"
Person 1: "..."
Two people at the drags about to face off.
Person 1 was unnecessarily disrespectful.
Person 2 wins the race and puts Person 1 in their place.
Person 1 cannot recover.
A worthy example of using the term "shame, dick" to put cultural non-conformists in their place.