The nation's monument to fun and danger. Widely lauded for it's extreme roller-coaster and other white knuckle adventure rides. Thoroughly enjoyed by commuters on the South-Western and South Auckland motorways.

Best known for the 1998 log flume disaster where somehow a ride mostly consisting of water caught fire and burned down.

Take a trip on the magic that is the LOG FLUME!

The roller-coaster is considered a main attraction, where the thrills don't just come from the double loops and high-g turns. But also from the engulfing sense of doom one experiences when realizing that it's only a matter of time before the rusting hulk of a carriage might potentially disintegrate mid-ride and bestow yet another blow of amusement park fate.

Despite unsubstantiated rumours that none of the rides having had any sort of maintenance or safety check since the mid-90s, people still make the trip down to Manukau - one of Auckland's most dangerous suburbs.

Noteable fun rides

  • Roller-coaster
  • That tower ride which drops you from a tall height
  • The easiest maze in the world
  • Motion master and the sticky seats
  • A vague smell of urine and fear
  • Overpriced, diabetes enhancing nutrition

After a long and testing day of magic, you might be lucky to experience a common Manukau tradition - the small triangle window of your car window being smashed and all your valuables stolen.

Critical Reception

As New Zealand's only remaining amusement park, it enjoys a much-loved monopoly. It's popularity is simply due to nothing else being available.

Rainbow's End popularity peaked in 1994 when the catchy, well-received, and overplayed advert starring New Zealand's only barbershop quartet "Purest Form" hit the airwaves and stirred "Rainbow Magic" craze across the nation.

The lyrical genius of Purest Form

Where to find the rainbow magic

If you happen to brave the tortuous journey down Auckland's congestion-clogged Southern Motorway you'll be ushered directly into the devouring mouth of fun that is Rainbow's End.

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