"P" is New Zealand's home-brew version of Methamphetamine. Made from cold & flu tablets, explosive materials, and rental housing.

It has been directly associated with short-lived upticks in economic activity, especially in regional areas.

P is usually consumed by smoking it through broken incandescent glass light bulbs, mainly in the confines of you home to ensure full house contamination.

The manufacturing of local P is often performed in rental housing, ideally short term places like airbnbs. The production has spawned a micro-industry in the real estate sector where lucrative "meth tests" have become a requirement before any new house purchase.

The substance and its related activities are popular items in mainstream media. "P" news reports are often fun and engaging topics of discussion around family dinner tables.

Noteworthy P celebrities in New Zealand

Antonie Dixon

Antonie Dixon


Scribe - NZ's original rapper from 2001

Travelling Notes

According to news reports, it seems that our country is currently experiencing a bumper season of meth. Be sure to check out any dodgy part of the country or one of our fine beaches for recently abandoned boats to experience New Zealand's favourite past time