A documentary feature film about a pair of star-crossed lovers living their #BestLife in the paradisiacal locale of South Auckland. This film is a must-watch for anyone wanting an insight into late 80s/early 90s NZ.

Showcasing our mating rituals, love of cars, heavy drinking culture as well as featuring several popular musical numbers of the era, this top-grossing movie made it's headline stars into household names and launched their careers, catapulting them directly into the glowing lights of Hollywood and leaving them smeared upon the giddy mountain top of NZ cultural iconhood.

The movie was praised for it's accurate depiction of NZ life at the height of the economic reforms of the 1980s the likes of which left a large swathe of the population subsisting entirely on packets of Raro and swappa-crates of Lion Red. The movie was also recognised for it's early portrayal of poor brown people living in cars as well as touching upon NZ's high rate of teen suicide and post-colonial lumberjack skills. Also controversial was a racy sex-scene featuring themes of incest and a dodgy moustache which left a lasting impression on a generation of Kiwis.

The movie was also noted for it's martial arts scenes which have been rated alongside other classics of the genre.

The movie also spawned some classic lines which have wormed their way into the Kiwi vernacular including; "Too many weights, not enough speed-work" as seen above and "Cook me some fucken eggs".

Currently rated 7.9/10 on imdb.