"Nek Minnit" (translation "next minute") has recently become a popular phrase amongst Kiwis, normally utilised in a somewhat rhetorical fashion to explain a consequence that occurred shortly after a particular situation.

The origins of the phrase trace back to circa 2011 and is associated with the tragic tale of a young professional skateboarder by the name of Levi Hawken, hailing from the quaint North-Antarctic town of Fairfield, Dunedin.  

As legend has it, Levi took a short break from catching some mean-as air and smashing some sweet as crooked grinds at the local skatepark to take a quick blat on his scooter (Levi's primary mode of transportation) to the local dairy.  

It is unknown to this day what purchases he made whilst inside the dairy.  Some say it was to replenish his energy with one of his all time favourites, the dentally-disastrous Lime K-Bar.  Others believe it was for a Fresh Up or a FruJu to cool himself off after attempts to do so by removing his shirt had failed.  The hard out skateboarding exercise combined with the infamous perennial scorching temperatures of the greater Otago region are very likely to be responsible for Levi desiring such refreshments.

Out of respect for the dairy owner, young Levi briefly left his scooter unattended outside the dairy.  Then the unimaginable happened...

Warning: The following is actual footage of the event.  Please be aware that content may offend some viewers:

Levi Hawken, who somehow misspelled his initials on his custom-made hat. 

Real world example:  "Bought a hotdog from Rainbows End... Nek Minnit..."

Documentation of an authentic 2018 Rainbows End hotdog.