Term used to describe when something is broken, wrecked, in a state of disrepair, unworkable, etc.

A versatile term that can be applied to situations, people, physical objects and more.

Variations include "munter" - used to describe a person that loves getting shit-faced on booze or substances.

Example usage

"Far, bro. We got munted as last night"
- Opening expression followed by statement referring to a binge substance abuse session experienced the previous night with other party
"Yeah yeah, nah. She's pretty munted, eh. Might be a mish to pick-a-part"
- Empathetic disagreement followed by technical analysis of a broken vehicle component. A solution is proposed requiring a visit to the local automotive scrap yard.
"The NZ economy is pretty munted"
- Famous kiwi economist describing NZ's economy in 2008
"Bro, that chick is fucking huge munter. Mean!"
- Greeting followed by statement describing a lady of leisure. Closed off with a statement of approval
Cody's Bourbon and Cola. Preferred drink of the munter
Demonstration of a munted person


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