A frozen Wonton soup that delivers the caloric and sodium-rific experience of a Chinese takeaway at home, in your microwave! Rumoured to be Pak'n'save's number 1 selling frozen health food and voted best-for-sodium by New Zealand's laziest cunts.

Look at it hiding out in the freezer aisle.

It's cheap, packed with your day's calories, and week's sodium intake. New Zealand has come to love this everyday meal.

Comes with an innovative product packaging design that magically spills hot soup all thru your microwave and shorting out the rotational table.

Be sure to try it when visiting New Zealand. Best microwaved in a motel room or backpacker's lounge.

Nestled comfortable in it's home at Pak'n'Saves frozen foreign foods

Preparation Directions

  • Head to any Pak'n'Save
  • Acquire
  • Remove container from box
  • Heat in microwave for 5-15 mins (depending on how shit your microwave is)
  • Burn yourself when removing from microwave
  • Clean up half the fucking soup from the microwave

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