A pressed, no-bake cake invented around the 1940s that is popular at kid's birthday parties.

Lolly Cake is not so much a "cake" but rather an amalgamation of malt biscuits, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and racist Eskimo lollies that are mashed together, pressed into a shape resembling clown turds, and then refrigerated for good alternative measure.

The internet is full of recipes for you to try and make at home.

Just chuck it in a bowl, bro

As with anything New Zealand related, people try and mix things up. A Pineapple Lump variation exists. We haven't tried it but given it has Pineapple Lumps inside, it's probably the fucking goods, bro.

Pineapple Lump Lolly Cake by BigOven

Of course we need to give a shout out to our Aussie cousins for doing the usual thing - stealing the idea and gentrifying it. But hey, it's just a cake.

If you do make it, just ignore the sugar content. It's pretty good and your kids will be hooked - that shit is like drugs for them.