A large number of New Zealanders try and live overseas for as long as possible. To maintain their connection to godzone, relations regularly send parcels filled with New Zealand kiwiana wares in vain attempts to entice their loved ones back home. These parcels are affectionately known as the "kiwi care package".

Care packages are an enormous source of pride & joy among expat kiwis. They are usually announced on social media in order to attain higher social status. However, announcing the reception of a care package can come at a cost. Fellow expats will express joy and elation in a sly attempt to scab the delicious contents for themselves.

Real-world example of care package pride 

The contents are usually pretty consistent with the only changes being the contemporary crossover products such as L&P Whittaker's chocolate, Jaffa pineapple lumps, or the dreaded K-Bar chocolate block.

20 minutes worth of kiwi care package unboxing
Another yank receiving a kiwi care package

The Traditional items seen in a kiwi care package

Examples of the more contemporary additions

please do not send these