Jandals is the New Zealand term for "flip flop" style sandals.

If you call them something else like "sandals" or "thongs", you'll get weird looks and maybe the piss taken out of you. Over here, sandals are those roman style multi-strap footwear things that cunts wear with socks.

Jandals are pretty much formal wear around here. If a venue is being ratshit and won't let you in because you rocked up barefoot, just chuck on your jandals and you'll be sweet.

We have a colloquialism thats heavily used - "handle the jandle". It basically means "handle the situation".

"Fuck, bro. That shit looks hardout. You reckon you can handle the jandle?"
- Friend stating the difficulty of a situation and attempting to confirm their willingness to proceed

You'll hear it being used everywhere and its a common source of confusion for the unsuspecting.

History of the name "Jandal"

The history of jandal is lesser know among regular kiwi folk and has all the traits of a good old tale of 1950s western capitalism.

The name originates from a trademark created in 1957 and is the joining of the words "Japanese" and "sandal". Some legal shit went down around others using the name.

We aren't totally sure what happened next but everyone now says jandals and we sure as fuck ain’t seen a pair of brand name jandals. Most people wear cheap ones from The Warehouse or those flash as Havaianas.

Travelling notes

Jandals are on sale in nearly every store. You'll be permitted to wear them in 99% of places.

Its highly recommended to get a pair if you ever plan to visit a beach because our UV intensive sun and black sand beaches will literally burn your feet.