New Zealand is home to some amazingly intense UV radiation. A few minutes of direct sunlight can burn your skin with ease.

Everyday we live in fear of the almighty sun and its searing gaze.

Our clear air and ozone hole provide us with such significant doses of melanoma inducing rays that New Zealands entire culture has formed around the national effort to protect against the sun.

A big fucking hole in the ozone doesn't help

Sun protection is a daily fact in kiwi culture. We are surrounded by public service announcements, ever increasing sun screen factors and hordes of red skinned tourists.

Even our childhoods years are bombarded with messages to protect ourselves from the sun. Many schools implement "sun safe" policies which make kids wear hats and sunscreen. Many playgrounds have some form of sun shielding.

Even our cows get sun burnt 

The Burn Index

Back in the day (80s to 90s-ish), the evening news used to report the burn time on the weather section. This was supposedly the number of minutes you could last unprotected in directly sunlight before starting to burn.

Some days were even as low as 5 minutes. That rating scale was eventually retired and replaced with the UV index.

Burn time seems to be a forgotten relic of the past and forever lost from the internet. We cant even seem to find any bloody reference to it anywhere!? The closest reference we've found is this youtube of the Coppertone Burn Index laid down by O.G. TV 3 newscaster Kerry Smith.

Kerry Smith dropping the burn times for the country

Travelling Notes

Be sure to pick up some actual sun-protecting sunscreen. There have been a bunch of shit cunts that have been selling bullshit sunscreen. Our consumer guide has done some great testing of products on the market.

And slip, slop, slap that stuff on you heaps. If you don't apply sunscreen, you'll learn pretty fucking quick.