Now a monolithic monument to late-stage capitalism the Huntly D.E.K.A. Sign was originally erected as part of a thriving main-street development and testament to the strength of consumer culture in Middle New Zealand.

In it's heyday, D.E.K.A. was a well-known source of highly-flammable kid's pyjamas, an array of mass-produced plastic goods and Raro. People came from far and wide to worship at the altar of cheap, Chinese-made products however this entire area has since been laid to waste by rampant neoliberalism and neglect. Apart from the D.E.K.A. sign, it is now mostly ruins, populated by sad thrift stores and bottle shops.

Still standing proudly as a reminder of better times, young and old NZers now make pilgrimage and lay offerings at the foot of the sign in the hope of being blessed with luck on the pokie machines or getting an over-payment in their WINZ Account. Some people believe the 'offerings' are simply bits of trash blown there by prevailing winds off the Waikato River.

No one ever knew what D.E.K.A. stood for but it is rumoured that it originally had some satanic links. Unfortunately these have been lost.

Other local area attractions include an ageing, coal-fired power plant and a muddy, sluggishly flowing river in which people often drown.