Classic kiwi term that has multiple meaning depending on the context.

It can mean "to have a go" on something, or "have a turn".

Another meaning is "reckless "maniac", "crazy", or "inconsiderate" driver. This meaning is usually said by boomer generation people. Usually in reference to something out of place.
Younger generations tend to use this meaning as a more casual and endearing verb.

Have a go

Request to partake in intimate affairs with another person's associate

"'Giz a hoon on your missus, ow?"

Statement of displeasure regarding the unfair division of fried potato chips followed by request to consume a fair share of the portion.

"Oi, don't be a stally cunt. I want a hoon on the chips too, ow."

Female courting an unsuspecting male

"Aww hey there. Giz a hoon on your sweet ass"


Baby Boomer complaining about someone legally driving the speed limit past their house at a late hour of the night.

"Look at that bloody hoon! Get a fucking life."

Request to drive to a friends house to pick up a large quantity of beer for the party.

"Yo bro, we gotta hoon by Scotts and grab the keg."