An often used kiwi term that is used to:

  1. add an expression of enthusiastic agreement
  2. provide a strong emphasis on a topic.

The term is used heavily in NZ and can cause a bit of confusion for unsuspecting travelers.

Example Usage

"Hey bro, keen to watch the cricket and get smashed?"
"Yeah bro, hardout!"
A friend asking another friend if they want to watch a game of cricket and binge drink.
The reply is confirmed with great enthusiasm
"Did you see that car hoon it? It was going hardout as"
Statement about a person driving really fast and followed by an emphasis on the fast driving
"Fuck, you're a hardout cunt"
Classic kiwi line giving positive affirmation to someone's crazy but fun antics

Video Demonstration

Lynchy providing a visual demonstration of going "hardout"

Travelling Notes

You are now fully prepared for communication with any kiwis.

Come over and go hardout.