A cool, fruity frozen ice block and New Zealand's favourite thing to suck on when it gets hot.

Quality 1980's family friendly soft-core porn


After giving the clerk a sensual glade eye, you turn away and slowly walk out of the dairy. You briskly walk to the beach, hardly able to contain your excitement.

Carefully, you open the cool, crinkly packet, and ease out the long, wide treat within.


You move the cold, frozen desert to your inviting lips. As you slide it deeper into your mouth, a slight quiver turns into a full spasm as ripples of orange pleasure surge through your body.

Each lick, is followed by an everlasting swallow of deionised pineapple juice with a warm afterglow of natural colours (100, 120) and soothing vegetable gum (466)


As the last drop from the shriveled wooden stick lashes onto your tongue, you turn over and feel a sense of achievement. Your skin is warmed by the intense UV sun yet the body is cooled by the melting juices inside.

A sense of shame washes over you. You cannot seem to rid yourself of this dirty feeling. Slowly, you get up and walk to the grassy verge of the beach. As you make your way across the hot scorching asphalt of the car park, you finally reach the overflowing summer weekend beach bin. In goes the remains of your loving FruJu love - Forever shall you be a tidy kiwi.

For the Fruju

Available in Pineapple Crush, Orange Rush and Grapefruit and Lemon.

Grab some from your local Dairy. They're shit if they don't have Fruju available for sale.