The Feijoa is a seasonal fruit with a love/hate cycle. It is briefly loved by New Zealanders and then despised shortly after. The fruit appears once a year during autumn to large fanfare followed by weeks of over consumption and eventual hate.

Contrary to local belief, the Feijoa, also known as the Pineapple Guava, is actually a native to Brazil. A understandable misconception since New Zealand has a peculiarly large amount of Feijoa trees. Nearly every suburban backyard seems to have at least one mature tree. Why we have so many is a fucking mystery. Perhaps at one point in the country's short history, society deemed it fashionable to plant Feijoa trees?

Whatever the reason, kiwi communities are annually flooded with the tree's bountiful harvests.

The arrival of of Feijoa season is met with love and excitement. Initial harvests are usually hoarded by immediate family and rarely shared. But as the harvest season continues, increasing amounts of Feijoas appear and the socialist sharing of wealth begins.

For the non-feijoa tree owning portion of the population, this second wave is when they begin to receive their share of the fruit. Excess Feijoas start to appear in office kitchens, supermarkets and more. Schools and community groups slowly flood with more and more bags of the ever ripening green fruit.

It only takes 3 weeks for the entire New Zealand population to get their fill. The Feijoa tree, however, is unrelenting in it's reproductiveness. Never ending amount of fruit continue to spawn. Seemingly endless of bags of fruit are distributed and soon, a certain disdain towards the fruit begins to appear.

Kiwis will hit the natural limit of how many Feijoas can be sanely consumed. Soon, the excess piles of fruit begin to take their toll on society.

With such an excess of produce coupled with a national mandate to reduce waste, the socialist governments of New Zealand enacted commercial programs to utilise the commodity in other foods - The "Feijoa flavour" concept was born.

Want to create a new and original flavour of your product? Make a Feijoa version!

Feijoa flavoured products were initially met with fanfare. It's now possible enjoy Feijoa all year round. A hugely popular favourite is 42 Below's Feijoa vodka. A commercially successful product that combines two of New Zealand's favourite things - the love of Feijoa with the love of getting munted.

Feijoa 42 Below Vodka. Heaps better than that fucking gross Manuka honey vodka

But as the years progressed, more and more Feijoa products started hitting the shelves. The excess Feijoa spike manifested itself into an all year round attack on the country's tastebuds.

The strategy of turning an increasing amounts of fruit into an endless supply of Feojoa flavoured products is projected to hit it's limits within a decade. Attempts have been made to market the products overseas but market reactions have been mixed. Soon the country will be faced with a glut and nowhere to dump it. But like any other civilisation-wide issue, we'll just ignore it and hope it goes away quietly.

In the meantime, just get smashed on Feijoa cider. It's pretty fucking good.

Travelling Notes

If you're visiting the country in autumn (fall), be sure to eat your fill of Feijoas. It's your duty as a tourist. And for the love of god, make sure you try ALL our Feijoa flavoured products.

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Seriously, this shit is fucking everywhere. It's like New Zealand's version of salted caramel.