An extremely versatile slang term with multiple meanings. Depending on the context, it could be used as a term of endearment, noun, expression and insult. Part of everyday vernacular for the ordinary kiwi.

A word so popular, our politicians even use it.

Variations include "cunts", "cunty", "cunties", "cuntz", "G.C. (good cunt)"

Example usage:

"Hey, what's up, cunties?"
- used as a greeting.
"Oi, check out that loose as cunt"
- used to describe a person performing an eccentric act.
"Nah, fuck up, cunt!"
- used to express disagreement
"Vinnie's grabbing us some beers. What a G.C."
- used to express gratitude
The common wasp. An introduced species with no predator. NZ's most despised cunt