Crab Sticks are battered and deep fried Surimi sticks served in a small white paper bag or bundled in old newspapers as part of your main fish & chip order.

The origin of the crab stick is elusive but for some reason, it's readily available from nearly every fish & chip store nationwide. Crab Sticks are a required item for a shop to be classed as a genuine Fish & Chip shop.

The name "crab stick" is a half truth. It's definitely stick shaped but they contain zero crab. Food can be expensive in New Zealand, especially crab, so the use of surimi in Crab sticks is a happy alternative which places it firmly as a mid-range priced luxury item you get alongside your standard order of fish and chips.

You can consume crab sticks directly but kiwis recommend eating them wrapped in a slice of buttered cheap white bread, and lathered with cheap tomato sauce for that truly authentic feel.