Briscoes is a New Zealand institution best known for its chain of retail homeware stores, the catchy jingle "Briscoes you'll never buy better", and non-stop sales.

In actual fact, it's the sales that they are truly renowned for. Briscoes is seemingly in the state of a permanent sale that has been spanning decades.

Even after the heat death of the universe. When the last atoms decay into nothingnesses. When our entirety consists of a total void of darkness. Briscoe’s will somehow still be running a sale.

In The Media

Yes, Briscoes is definitely in the media - It's all over the fucking media, all the time.

Be it radio, tv, print or anything, their infinite marketing budget ensures you will experience one of their ads every 5 mins. It's probably what keeps the entire New Zealand media industry alive.

Just an estimation based on loose observation from fucking everyone in New Zealand

Historical Notes

Briscoes long history of non-stop advertising has established it as a cultural powerhouse. It has forced itself into psyche of the population through an extensive, decades long campaign of media domination.

The Briscoes jingle is a mix of catchy sitcom funk bass-lines, family friendly breakdowns, and a pleasing memorable catch phrase. Its effectiveness as an ear worm is so great that it annoys all generations and can be considered the great uniter of boomers and millennials.

Travelling Notes

Briscoes stores are located throughout the country. Don't forget to pop into a store at literally any time to get a deal of some sorts.

And be sure to tune into any tv channel or radio to experience that friendly, catchy jingle. Again, at literally any time of the bloody day.