Bulk manufactured cheese available in 4 unique varieties of "Tasty", "Mild", "Colby", "Edam". Although there are 4 variations, they all taste pretty much the same - bland, unexciting with a soul-less texture and finished with a good dose of salt to make up for it's lack of everything.

It's so boring that even supermarkets categorise it as "Standard Cheese"

Plain old standard cheese. 

Mainly produced by New Zealand's own home-grown Illuminati shadow government, Fonterra and other fledgling dairy conglomerates.

But what they lack in flavour, they make up with quantity. Common cheese is readily available in 1kg blocks from any supermarket or dairy.

It's called edam! Because it doesn't fucking taste like edam!
Mild cheese - for people who hate flavour.

Dairy is a cornerstone our of mighty economy. So it's natural that we consider ads about cheese a critical highlight of our culture.

So ingrained is boring cheese in our TV culture that we grew up following 2 old guys talking about the riveting wait for cheese to mature.

When in NZ, treat yourself to a 1 kg block of our finest boring cheese. We recommend eating a thick slice with a Ginger-nut biscuit or perhaps trying your hand at making our famous Spaghetti on Toast.

Also, we gotta give points to Mainland Cheese and their version of "Tasty". It has the beginnings of something resembling aged cheddar.