Big Ben make an affordable range of pies. Found in supermarkets, school tuck-shops, and pie warmers in the back of your local dairy.

The pies seem to withstand global economic forces and for the last 4 decades, somehow still cost around $1 nzd.

The core product offering of "Mince & Cheese" and "Steak & Cheese" has divided the country in two and sparked numerous debates over which variation is the preferred option. The Mince vs Steak wars is a consistent yet short-lasting theme among kiwi children and can be considered a right of passage to adulthood until they finally realize BP pies are heaps better.

The self dubbed the "pie-oneers" have kept themselves relevant over the decades by releasing pie flavours that have been fashionable at the time. Variations including the "Potato Top", "Bacon & Egg" and a twist on the modern time NZ favourite, the contemporary "Butter Chicken".

New Zealand's most famous pie critic reviews the Big Ben potato top pie

To truly experience the country and the greatness that New Zealand has to offer, stop by any local diary and make your way to the pie warmer that sits within it's depths. There you shall find all the pie variations of Big Ben except the for the pie you actually fucking want.

And of course, it'll still be around $1.

A classic pie warmer without any fucking mince & cheese pies

Yes there are better pies but they aren't cheap as shit. If you really want to save money, then buy a 12 pack of microwaveable frozen pies from the local supermarket. Just make sure you douse them with shit-loads of tomato sauce


Oh what the fuck? They made a peri-peri pie?

Keeping with tradition