Popular teenage coming of age drink and staple vitamin intake among divorced 45+ women. Mostly enjoyed on weekends and bad Christmas lunches when visiting extended family.

A family favourite as seen on the shelves of Pak'n'Save

Slightly more professional version of the cheaper but deceptively weaker "Chardon" at $5.99.  Designed for the discerning underage drinking tart who don't realise that if they paid the extra $2 ($7.99 - full price at Foodtown),  they would receive a full strength bottle of sparkling, sweet wine. Bernadino comes with money back guarantee of waking up in a strange place with a thumping headache and absolutely no recollection of what happened to their knickers.

The classic 6 pack is a favourite amongst festive seasoned party-goers

Economic indicator

The popularity of Bernadino has stayed consistent throughout the decades.

It has been noticed that annual sales rise and fall depending on national economic strength. Recently the Bernadino Income Index has been adopted as a key leading economic indicator of New Zealand's domestic production.

The Bernadino Income Index. The sales spike in 2000 has been attributed to the Auckland Warriors financial collapse.

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